Useful information on how to sell one or more lots to Arcadia Auctions.


Mandate to Sell at auction your own work or an entire collection


With its own team of experts selected for their experience and professionalism, Arcadia constantly provides free, confidential valuations, including with appraisals and  opinions on individual works or entire collections. Lead-times for these valuations are short and works can be viewed directly at the headquarters or at the customer’s home.
To request a valuation, just make an appointment and if possible provide in advance photographs and useful information (dimensions, technique, provenance, bibliography, certifications, purchase documents). For owners wishing to attempt to sell entire collections at auction, Arcadia produces targeted catalogues with a specific graphic design rich in images of the original settings and detailed profiling, supported by ad hoc marketing plans and precise studies of key markets.
Please see the personal data processing policy available on or displayed at headquarters.

The task of managing customers’ works at auction will be formalised with a Mandate to Sell which states the agreed premium of the auction fees and any dues for insurance, marketing, transportation, certifications and any other expenses which should become necessary.
Completion of the mandate requires your tax code and a valid identity document for annotation on the police registers as provided by the laws in force. Lastly, the Mandate to Sell comprises two attachments: the goods record and the General Sales Terms. The goods record shows a full list of the goods for sale with the related agreed reserve prices and the General Mandate Terms are the set of clauses defining the business relations of the principal and Arcadia.

The reserve price is the confidential minimum price agreed by Arcadia and the principal, below which the lot cannot be sold. It is strictly confidential, is not revealed by the Auctioneer during the auction, and is stated in the mandate to sell alongside the description of each lot. Should the reserve price not be achieved, the lot will be unsold and withdrawn from auction. Lots offered without reserve are marked in the catalogue with the estimate or the caption S.R. (Senza Riserva – Free Bid) and will be knocked down to the highest bidder irrespective of the estimates published in the catalogue.


Before each auction the principal receives a communication with the list of goods included in the catalogue and their lot numbers. The auction results will be notified within two working days of the auction date.
Payment will be made within 30 working days from the auction date, and in all cases 5 working days after collection by the seller. On payment an invoice is issued containing the detail of the lots, the related sales premium agreed in the mandate and all other expenses agreed.

Legislative decree 118 of 13 February 2006 introduced the right of authors of works and manuscripts, and their heirs, to a royalty on the price of each sale, subsequent to the first, of the original work; the so-called “resale right”. This royalty is due if the sales price is not less than euro 3,000.00 and is calculated as follows:
4% for the part of the sales price between € 3,000 and € 50,000
3% for the part of the sales price between € 50,000.01 and € 200,000
1% for the part of the sales price between € 200,000.01 and € 350,000
0.5% for the part of the sales price between € 350,000.01 and € 500,000
0.25% for the part of the sales price between above € 500,000.
Arcadia is required to pay the “resale right” on behalf of sellers to the Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori (SIAE). Should the lot be subject to the so-called “resale right” under art. 144 of law 633/41, the successful bidder undertakes to also pay the amount the Seller would be required to pay under art. 152 of Law 633/41 and which Arcadia in turn undertakes to pay to the party responsible for collection.

Meanings of symbols which may be found in the auction catalogue

Lots owned by ArcadiaIf lots are marked with this symbol they are wholly or partly owned by Casa d’aste Arcadia s.r.l.
Interested PartyIndicates when bids may be placed on the lot including by parties having an interest e.g. a co-owner or executor who has sold the lot.
Without ReserveFree bid. The Reserve is the minimum auction price agreed by Arcadia and the Principal, below which the lot cannot be sold. Should a lot be sold without reserve, it will be marked with this symbol.
Resale rightFor lots marked with this symbol the Buyer undertakes to pay a “resale right”, payable by the seller under art. 152, paragraph I, Law 633 of 22 April 1941, at the amount determined in the above “Resale Right” section.
Lot originating from a businessLot originating from a business, where the hammer price is subject to VAT.
Temporary import lotTemporary import lot under art. 72 of the Urbani Code or for which temporary import has been requested.
Free MovementLots marked with this symbol are accompanied by a free movement certificate or certificate of temporary art import to Italy.

Meanings of terms used in lot records in the auction catalogue

attributed to …in Arcadia’s opinion it may be the work of the cited artist, wholly or in part
studio of …
school of …
in Arcadia’s opinion it is the work of an unknown hand
from the studio of the stated artist, which may or may not have been executed under their direction or in the years following their death
circle of …according to Arcadia it is the work of an unidentified hand, not necessarily a pupil of the cited artist
after …copy of a known work of the stated artist, but of unknown date
date inscribedin Arcadia’s opinion these dates have been added by a different hand or in a different era from that of the stated artist
in Arcadia’s opinion the work appears to have been actually signed, dated or inscribed by the artist who executed it
flawsthe lot shows visible and evident defects, breakage or wear
old elementsthe objects in question were assembled later using elements or materials from earlier eras
signature inscribed or
bearing signature
in Arcadia’s opinion the signature was added in a different era by a hand other than that of the stated artist
in the manner of …in Arcadia’s opinion the work is in the cited manner despite having been executed in a later era
additions and/or replacementscaption shown only in cases when Arcadia considers the operations much greater than average and such to jeopardise at least partially the integrity of the lot
“Name and Surname” (e.g. Mattia Preti)in Arcadia’s opinion the work was executed by the stated artist
restorationas they are old or in all cases used, goods sold at auction require restoration in almost all cases
century …dating with purely indicative value, which may include approximate margins
follower of …according to Arcadia the author worked in the manner of the artist
manner of …in Arcadia’s opinion the work is in the manner of the stated artist but executed in a later era
70 x 50
350 x 260
160 g
Dimensions of paintings state the height first and then the base and are expressed in cm. Dimensions of works on paper are expressed in mm. The weight of silver objects is calculated not including metal, glass and crystal parts.